Just two weeks ago the European  satellite Sentinel-2 has been launched into orbit. Sentinel-2 is going to observe the Earth’s surface with an optical camera. In fact the first images have already been acquired and sent down to Earth just four days after launch. These images give an impression of the great capabilities  of Sentinel-2 like it’s wide swath and short revisit time.

This first image shown below was acquired on June 27th and covers the Po Valley, framed by the Alps in the north and the coastal mountains of France and Italy in the south.

First Sentinel-2 image
Copyright Copernicus data (2015)/ESA

Arianespace has released a poster from the launch. Our office is already decorated with it 😉

The data coming from the Sentinel-2 satellite will hopefully keeps us busy the next years or even decades. Expect more posts to come in the future 🙂