RACE dashboard

RACE dashboard

The Rapid Action coronavirus Earth observation dashboard, otherwise known as RACE, presents the results of the joint cooperation between ESA and the European Commission on Covid 19 and EO.

The RACE platform demonstrates how the use of Earth observation data can help shed new light on societal and economic changes currently taking place owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

EOX is proudly supporting this initiative as part of Euro Data Cube and had the privilege to be tasked with the development of eodash, the dashboard front-end. We had the privilege to work on this dashboard in close  contact with ESA and managed to kick-start the application from 0 to public release within just one month. Together with Euro Data Cube services it is powering the RACE dashboard available at https://race.esa.int shown in some screenshots below.

RACE dashboard
Current indicators list
Air Quality indicator
Water quality indicator

The eodash software powering the RACE dashboard is openly available unter MIT license. Feel free to report bugs or request features directly in the repository.