VirES Aeolus Workshop

The Aeolus mission is one of ESA's Earth Explorer missions. It is the first satellite able to provide global wind profile information from space.

We have been working in parallel and preparing the service prior to mission launch and it is great to be able to see the community evolving around the mission and the many great minds we hope to help do their work through this service.

EOX has had the privilege of presenting the VirES for Aeolus Service (opens new window) as a dedicated in-depth workshop. The workshop was held twice to accommodate different time zones on the 26th of June and on the 6th of July. Thanks to the organization of ESA there was a large participation of ~80 people combined.

We made one of the sessions available online on our channel.

Thank to ESA for organizing the event and to all the participants for their time, inputs, and great discussion. We always welcome feedback on how your workflow could be improved using our services so please feel free to contact us on

The VirES for Aeolus Service is free to use, so if you don't know it yet head over to (opens new window) and have a look!