VirES for Aeolus - VRE Open to public

As we mentioned in a previous blog post we have been working on implementing an extension to the VirES for Aeolus (opens new window) service. The extension is called "Virtual Research Environment" (VRE) and since March it has been opened to the public. We see a great potential to help scientific activities with the VRE and are happy to be ready to make it available to everyone!

ESA has created a great infografic (we have added as cover image to this story) providing a great insight into the tool. Here is the original source (opens new window).

If this peaked your interest we would like to invite you to visit (opens new window) to have a deeper dive into the capabilities of the service or if you want feel free to visit the VRE (opens new window) directly!

We are happy to have had the opportunity to present this tool during the Aeolus 3rd Anniversary Conference (opens new window).

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In the future we want to write a more in depth blog post about the tool and its capabilities, so keep your eyes peeled!