Open positions

We are looking for two new colleagues with complimentary expertise in JavaScript, d3, WebGL and knowledge around Linux (system administration), git, python, PostgreSQL and django.

Space Data Visualization Engineer (JavaScript, d3, WebGL)

Extending a little more and taking into account the environment you will be working in for the Data Visualization position it would be great if you have experience with ES6 as well as frameworks such as Backbone, Angular, React or Ember.

Environmental Data Services Engineer (Linux, Python, django, PostgreSQL)

For the Data Services position general knowledge in geo data handling, such as with gdal and geo data file formats (geotiff, hdf, netcdf) would be a welcome asset.

Work area

Your position would be as part of the team working on Virtual Research Environments for our main customer, the European Space Agency, where we have productive services available, and are also working on future possibilities to empower scientist to work with data. A related  “Software as a Service” product is VirES for Swarm

We are evolving our Virtual Research Environment technology by working at leading edge innovations getting the maximum out of modern Web browsers, such as:

  • Volume visualization

Why work at EOX

Provide “real world” services that matter
We deliver software solutions and operate Web services that are utilized by a worldwide community which is concerned about the physical health of our planet Earth and the evolution of nature surrounding us. Our activities are embedded into major environmental monitoring programs such as the EU’s Copernicus and ESA’s Earth Explorer satellite missions.

Help science
Making scientists get hold of data faster and easier, means helping them in their work, be it research on global warming effects, earth’s magnetic field, space weather prediction …

Flexible hours
Core hours are from 10:30 to 16:00, compensatory time off

Young small team
Team of 10 people with flat structure

Open Source
Nearly all development is done as open source and made mostly available through github

Your own work style
We will not limit you in the choices you want to make for development, such as underlying frameworks, libraries, package managers, etc, as we think everyone has their own workflow for problem solving. Ideally we will always try to find solutions together to make sure all components can be integrated nicely.

Vienna remaining in the first place for the 8th year in the quality of living city rankings 🙂

We pay gross annual salaries, as a minimum:

38.000 € Software Engineer
50.000 € Senior Software Engineer

with willingness to offer a higher salary depending on your professional experience and qualification.
See what this means in net and monthly, as well as in terms of contributions to Austrian social security system  [].
We allow us bonus payments conditional to very good overall enterprise performance.

We enjoy as additional benefits a monthly contribution to a capital-backed pension fund,  daily meal vouchers, various social and group events.

What we would like to know from you

Some words about you in an informal way, CV and if available github handle to