VirES Update for Plasma & Bubble Index Data

We have launched VirES for Swarm 1.1 (opens new window) on 27 September 2016 and Daniel Santillan ( presented it to core scientists and experts at ESA's 6th Swarm Data Quality Workshop held at Univ. Edinburgh.

The new version gives also systematic access to the plasma products and ionospheric bubble index products of the ESA Swarm mission (opens new window), in addition to the complete sets of magnetic vector and scalar data products.

VirES for Swarm is ESA's official Web-based interface to Swarm products. It includes tools for studying various geomagnetic models by comparing them to the Swarm satellite measurements at given space weather and ionospheric conditions.

Version 1.1 updates include enhanced Swarm product layer handling and new rendering of color scale labels on the immersive virtual globe widget.  Multi-scaling control has been added to the Analytics Viewer. The Analytics viewer is the visual feedback and filter functionality offering scatter plot and multi-parameter histogram displays. Customization of the parameters a user wishes to download from multiple Swarm products is now possible. More details on features introduced with the update can be seen in the changelog (opens new window).

VirES 1.1 download and filtering of composite Swarm products

We are also proudly informing that our company has been entrusted by ESA with the operations and maintenance of the VirES for Swarm service. Watch out for updates.